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Konoba Pupo

We did our best to be good hosts to all the travelers who came our way... and very grateful we were their choice

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Have you ever tried gregada?

Gregada was long known as a traditional fishermen recipe, and is said to be the oldest way of preparing fish, mostly on islands. This recipe is really simple, all you need is fresh white fish, a couple of potatoes and a few other ingredients, traditionally flavored with garlic, celery, and parsley. We are proud on our way of preparing gregada at konoba Pupo, with traditional family recipe you should try. Welcome and bon appetite.

Chef’s choice


“Brodetto rosso” with adriatic octopus and polenta.

Star from our menu. Traditional brodetto, but from fresh octopusy with fantastic combination of flavours and old style polenta. The dish which have came from the past. 


Family tradiTIon

Konoba Pupo is runned by our family since 90’s. Our menu is combination of our own traditional recipes, fishermens old style cooking and great care for every ingridient we use. It have to be fresh, localy growth and collect on the best virgin spots of our cost.


We are proud on family tradition of baking homemade desserts. Thats reason why we have special offer for our guests:

“Pasticceria Pupica”, place where you can try finest traditional cakes and pastries, developed on our family recepies and kindly choosen groceries from local producers.

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