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Pasticceria Pupica


We are proud on familly tradition of baking homemade desserts. Thats reason why we have special offer for our guests: “Pasticceria Pupica”, place where you can try finest tradional cakes and pastries, developed on our familly recepies and kindly choosen groceries from local producers.


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What is Pupica?

Pupica story began with the love to the sweats and domestic cakes, which is defined on the Dubrovnik tradition, domestic ingredients and old recepies collected in the Dubrovnik area.

We offer unique cakes that we do at home as well. It’s not the forme that matters, it’s the content. We mede them off rogač (carob), arancini (dried orange pill), mjenduo (almond), lemuna (lemons), domaće marmelade od ljutih naranača (home made sour orange jam).

We just respect the ingredients, recepies from our aunts, neighbours and friends. All cakes in this pastery shop are stories about the aromas, flavores and coloures of the South.

Carob, chocolate and orange cake

A cake full of chocolate flavour in which we use forgotten carob from the Island of Šipan near Dubrovnik and homemade bitter orange jam. 

Chocolate rapsody

Chocolate rapsody is the choice for those who like a piece off cake in which the walnut is in perfect combination in a egg white base and topped with chocolate

Almond and orange cake

Our signiture cake, favoured to all our local and forgein guests. Don’t ask why, keep calm and order a piece.

Cheesecake Pupica

East Coast NY Style cheesecake. The Grad and The City together in The Cake.

Ferrero Cake

Chocolate biscuit is base for chocolate and hazelnut cream combined with mascarpone.

Dubrovnik cake

Traditional Dubrovnik cake, half of walnut with lemon zest and half of almond with orange pill, topped with chocolate.

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